Matt van der Riet | About Me
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About Me

Matt Van der Riet

I am Matt. I’m a pretty normal guy. I had a great childhood, got to travel the world. I now live a blessed life in the greatest city in the world.


I’m a father to 3 amazing and healthy kids and a husband to the most supportive wife, who I love with all my heart.


I have great friends, I love sport, I love being social  and for the last 17 years, I worked hard to climb the corporate ladder to achieve business ‘success’. Life was good.


But for a lot of this time, maybe 20 years, I have suffered with often severe mental illness issues. Clinically these range from anxiety, depression through to bipolar.


I think my first panic attack was in the early 2000’s was when things became very real for me.


Then in 2017 the machine broke down. The ego facade buckled, the depression hit new lows and I wasn’t sure how to find my way back. My happiness and joy were all too often being replaced with debilitating sadness, and self-pity.


But I know that the alignment of my heart and my head, and finding my true warrior will give me the happiness I need for myself and for my family.


My purpose, my dream and my ambition it to change the face of mental health to allow people to connect with themselves to learn the wisdom, skills and tools to write their own story. To find their true essence and be who they actually want to be.



To be a leader within our community to ensure compassion, acceptance, respect, empowerment, and sincerity with each step we take together in battling mental health illness.



Living and sharing the stories of mental health to drive embedded change in our community.



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